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FYI 102-05: Educating Glaucon (Kramer)

This web guide suggests resources for your research project in FYI 102. Whether you choose to write

a) a literature review, or
b) a paper that addresses a research problem,

you will identify at least four scholarly articles as part of your research.

Article Databases

The main database you will use for this project is JSTOR, an archive of scholarly articles in a variety of disciplines. Tips for using JSTOR:

  • Start at the Advanced Search screen
  • Break your topic down into keywords and search a separate keyword in each box
    • Click the red "Add a search box" button to include an additional keyword
  • Limit your search to Articles (this will help you avoid book reviews, which are less suitable for this project)
  • Limit your search to the most relevant subject areas, such as Classical Studies, Language and Literature, and Philosophy

If you need additional articles beyond what you find in JSTOR, try one of these databases: