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HIST 133: American Environment (Leech) - Special Collections Guide

This is a course-specific guide for students enrolled in HIST 133 with Dr. Leech.

How do I cite this thing I found in Special Collections?

The types of material you might find in Special Collections are often different from the types of sources you have cited before, and your style guide (whichever one you are using) may not provide clear guidance on how to properly cite an item from a manuscript collection, vertical file, or photograph collection.

To help you figure out how to cite Special Collections materials, there is an entire LibGuide devoted to this topic:

How do I request a reproduction of an item?

If you need a high-resolution image of a photograph or document, reach out to Special Collections with the item that you would like reproduced (either in person or by email). To request the item, be sure to share the item description and identification (e.g., MSS #, Photo ID, etc.). For reproductions, you will need to complete and sign a form. For more information on reproductions, see this link

As an alternative, you are welcome to take photographs of materials and utilize them in your research. Just be sure to include a proper citation. You may also find digitized content within the digital collections.