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HIST 133: American Environment (Leech) - Special Collections Guide

This is a course-specific guide for students enrolled in HIST 133 with Dr. Leech.

During your class visits, you encountered a variety of materials containing information about the locations on campus that you are investigating for your assignment.  The materials were pulled from each of the main sections of Special Collections: our book collection, our manuscript collections, our vertical files, and our photograph collection.  Additionally, each table had one sample article from the Augustana Observer, printed from the digital copies in our Observer and Rockety-I databases.  All of the materials viewed during class are listed below.  Please refer to this list if you need to request an item to view in the reading room, or if you need identification information for citation purposes.

Items Viewed During Class

  • Photographs: C-L281, C-L222-1, C-L30, C-L37, C-F61
  • Vertical File: Augustana College - Old Main; Augustana College - East Hall; Augustana College - College Center
  • Augustana Observer: “Old Main renovation stalled,” 05/25/2010, p.1-2
  • Postcards: Old Main and First College Building (see Box 4)
  • Multiple manuscript items: Old Main (Box 3) and East Hall (Box 8) in MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records
  • Photographs: C-F00090, C-F00111, C-F00112
  • Vertical File: Augustana College - Carlsson Hall
  • Augustana Observer: "Need for space prompts annex," 12/18/1992, p. 2
  • Postcards: Dormitory, Women's Building (see Postcards MSS # & box #)
  • Augustana Bulletin: 10/31/1927, Series 22, No. 5 and Winter 1961-1962 (December 1961), Series 56, No. 9. Call #: Aug Inst LD271 .A66551 A938
  • Multiple manuscript items:  Folders 14 and 16, Box 3, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records
  • Photographs: C-F05914, C-F05977
  • Vertical Files: Augustana College - Center for Student Life - Planning through building completion;

Augustana College - Center for Student Life

Augustana College - Center for Student Life - Grand Opening

Augustana College - Gerber Center for Student Life

Augustana College - Library, 1990 - Thomas Tredway

  • Augustana Observer: "New student center construction could begin this spring," 9/29/2011, pp. 1-2
  • Postcards: Augustana College Library, Augustana College Campus Library
  • Augustana Bulletin: Fall 1988 (no series or issue numbers) Call #: Aug Inst LD271 .A66551 A938
  • ​Manuscript items: Folder 2, Box 13, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records
  • Other: ConTEXTS: A Celebration of the Augustana College Library Call #: Aug Inst LD 271 .A665 C660 1991
  • Photographs: C-D00227, C-F02285, C-F04761, C-F05259
  • Vertical File: Augustana College - Slough
  • Augustana Observer: "Slough to be Transformed Into Beauty Spot," 11/12/1951, p. 1
  • Postcard: Campus Walkway
  • Augustana Bulletin: Winter 2001 (no series or issue numbers) Call #: Aug Inst LD271 .A66551 A938
  • Manuscript items: Folder 3, Box 1, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records
  • Photographs: C-D-00002, C-D00148, C-L00775, C-L00776
  • Vertical Files: Augustana College - Ascension Chapel 

                       Augustana College - Founders Hall

                        Augustana College - Seminary Buildings

  • Augustana Observer: "Co-ed housing improves interaction," 10/28/1987, pp. 4
  • Postcard: Seminary Buildings
  • Augustana Bulletin: June 1925, Series 20, No. 3 Call #: Aug Inst LD271 .A66551 A938
  • Manuscript items: Folder 2, Box 8, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records
  • Photographs: C-F00095, C-L00087, C-L00297, C-S00326
  • Vertical Files: Augustana Book Concern

Augustana College - College Center

Augustana College - North Hall

Augustana College - Sorensen Hall

Augustana College - The College Drug

  • Photographs: C-F05705, C-F05253, C-F00102
  • Vertical Files: Augustana College - House on the Hill

Augustana College - Westerlin Residence Center

Augustana College - Westerlin Hall

  • Augustana Observer: "Westerlin Triumphs Over Mary Graydon," 9/26/1957, p.3
  • Postcards: House on the Hill, Westerlin Hall
  • Augustana Bulletin: March 1956, Series 51, No. 2; July 1956, Series 51, No. 5; Fall 1961 (Sept. 1961), Series 56, No. 7 Call #: Aug Inst LD271 .A66551 A938
  • Manuscript items: Folders 21 and 22, Box 3, and Folder 19, Box 8, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records


2 editions and multiple copies available in multiple locations, see catalog records for details (click on links above)

NOTE: There is an online campus timeline that was based heavily on the Brolander survey and includes some post-1992 updates.  This timeline was created in 2010 as part of the celebration of the college's 150th anniversary.  You can access the timeline on the Special Collections website here:

The Augustana Observer is our student newspaper.  It began publication in 1902 and continues to be published today.  Special Collections holds a complete run of physical copies of the Observer, but for research purposes it is far more effective to use our Observer/Rockety-I database.  To access the database, click on the link above.  In this database, you can do full-text searching across digital copies of both the Observer and the Rockety-I (Augustana's yearbook).  Coverage is from 1902-2020 for the Observer and ~1900-2004 for the Rockety-I.  Once you've located relevant material, you can view, download, or print from the PDF files in the database.

See "Online Resources" in this guide for step-by-step instructions on using the databases.

  • Postcards from the Augustana College Local History Collection

Each group had one or two postcards depicting buildings or views of campus. These postcards are from one of our manuscript collections (a.k.a. archival collections).  To locate the postcards again, find others that are similar, or to write a proper citation, you will need the following information:

Collection #: MSS 385, Collection Name: Augustana College Local History collection, Box #: 4

  • Photograph of 7th Ave. and the First College Building

Photograph ID # C-L00222

  • Photographs: C-F05178, C-F05441, C-F06475, C-L00149
  • Vertical Files: Augustana College - Carver Physical Education Center; Augustana College - Ericson Field
  • Augustana Observer:  "Begin New Gym in 3 Weeks," 10/0/1986, p. 1
  • Postcard: Roy J. Carver Center for Physical Education
  • Multiple manuscript items: Oversize Box 1 and Folder 17, Box 8, MSS 67 Augustana College Buildings and Grounds records