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RELG 205: American Christianities (Chino)

This web guide suggests resources for your final paper in RELG 205: a research paper on a topic of your choice within American Christianity. For the paper you are required to:

  • Read and cite at least 5 sources, which should include both primary and secondary sources
  • Cite your sources according to Chicago Manual of Style

Primary Sources & Secondary Sources

An initial--but very important--challenge posed by the research for this project will be determining what "counts" as a primary source or secondary source for your topic. Generally speaking:

Primary source = A source by the person you are researching. If your topic is an event or a movement, primary sources will be produced by people who witnessed the event or took part in the movement.

Secondary source = A source written about the person, event, or movement you are researching. Look for secondary sources that are recent and produced by scholars who specialize in the relevant subject area.

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