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FYI102: The Other in Harry Potter (S. McDowell)

Finding the Full Text of an Article

In most cases, just because there's no full-text link right there, that doesn't mean you can't get the article, often right away! Here's how to get your hands on the full text of any article you find:

  1. If there's a full-text link in the database you're in, just click on it!
  2. If you don't see a full-text link, go to the library homepage and choose "Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Title Search." Enter the journal's title to see if the full text is available somewhere else.
  3. If Augustana doesn't own the article you're looking for, click on "Interlibrary Loan" from the options in the right sidebar of the homepage. It's free, and you'll usually get the article within 3-5 days.