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Augie Reads 2021: When the Emperor Was Divine

High-quality resources for students and faculty related to the 2021 Augie Reads book.

Free Online Course

Those of us who are unfamiliar with all but the basics of Japanese American incarceration during WWII will appreciate this free online course from Densho, an educational organization dedicated to the topic.

Endorsement from a faculty member who has taken the course:

"I was able to complete the entire course in less than a day, and it can be completed in sections for those needing to spread it out. It provides a decent background on key aspects of the Japanese American experience before, during, and after the camps, and recommends some simple exercises using primary source materials, based on Harvard Project Zero's Visible Thinking conceptual framework. The intended age group for the sample exercises is high school students, but in my opinion most/all of the suggested exercises and associated primary source materials would be perfectly appropriate for our incoming first-year students."