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POLS105 - Comparative Politics


This page is NOT for the "democracy" assignment!

Click "scholarly articles" to the left to access the databases that will allow you to find scholarly sources about democracy.

News Sources

• Google News Search

When you're not in school anymore, you'll be relying on Google to find reliable news. Google has an "Advanced Search" that lets you limit aspects of the results it shows you, including the currency, place of publication, and location of the keywords in the resulting articles.

To access Google Advanced Search, click on "Settings" in the lower-right, then "Advanced search" (or, if this option isn't available, you can still access the Advanced Search screen directly using this URL:

1. Narrow by region (and language, if necessary)
2. After you run your search, then narrow your results by date; then you can use the "custom range" option to be very specific
3. Click "news" option to see only results from news sources

ALSO: Narrow to "Newspapers" under "Publication Type"

If you are not on campus and are never on campus (distance learners, international students, or upperclass students with mostly online courses), we've created a generic username/password for you to use, so that you'll be able to access NexisUni as well.

From off-campus, USE THIS LINK to access Nexis Uni.

Username - TredwayLibrary

PW - NexisUniCOVID-19