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ENVR387 - Lashley

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Thinking beyond library resources

When you're exploring the lived realities of people beyond your own personal experience - in many cases, groups of people whom you have never met - it can be helpful to do some thoughtful searching of the internet to find examples of first-person stories written by people who have first-hand knowledge of your topic. These might include:

  • the homepages of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or non-profit groups working with specific populations
  • personal blogs or websites
  • social media accounts


The scholarly sources you'll find will be invaluable, but they can seem "distanced"; scholars can't always (or don't always) visit in-person the people they're studying. Supplementing your traditional academic research with carefully-selected internet sources can help to personalize your investigations and provide real-life context to use in conjunction with your other sources.