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CHEM 471 - Wilmsmeyer

Research Guide created in Spring 2021 for Chem 471 students

Citation Tools

Getting Started with Endnote Basic: 

  1. Create a free account for EndNote Basic at this link. If you have previously created an account for the Web of Science database, these platforms share login credentials - so you can skip this step. 
  2. Log in to your Endnote account. 
  3. From the library's databases, you should see a 'Send to' option underneath the item information. There is a button for Ennote that you will select to send the citation information for that item to Endnote Basic. 
  4. Check the citation in Endnote Basic to be certain that the information was sent correctly. 



To capture sources outside of the library's databases: 

  1. Log into Endnote Basic and go to the Downloads tab. 
  2. Drag and drop the 'Capture Reference' tab to your bookmarks bar.
  3. Once you have found a resource you wish to add to your bibliography, you can click on that bookmark and fill in any necessary information. You can then send that citation to Endnote Basic. 


Creating Your Bibliography: 

  1. Go to the Format tab in Endnote Basic and select Bibliography
  2. Choose which resources you would like included in your bibliography. 
  3. Choose your citation style. 
  4. Generate your bibliography in your chosen format. 


Benefits of Choosing Endnote Basic: 

  1. Shares Log-in Information with Web of Science, meaning that you don't have to create a new account if you already have a Web of Science account. If you use Web of Science a lot, it is really good at pulling resources in from this database, since they share the same platform. 
  2. Over 6000 citation styles available; 
  3. Cooperates well with our new library website.