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SPAN 351: Falling in Love with/in Medieval Spain (Havard-Rockwell)

As we discussed in class on September 9, each group is looking for sources on a three-part idea: a particular CONCEPT at a particular TIME in a particular PLACE.

Here are the keywords we developed as a class:

PLACE** (geography, location):

  • Spain, Spanish
  • Iberia, Iberian Peninsula (iberia*)
  • Al Andalus (andalus*)
  • Castile, Castilian (castil*)
  • Mediterranean
  • additional terminology in Spanish

**If you broaden your search beyond Iberia, I'd recommend eliminating the geography keywords altogether. American databases are Western-centric, so most searches that include the words "medieval" or "Middle Ages" will automatically produce results about Europe and, to some extent, the Middle East.

TIME (temporal limitation):

  • medieval
  • "Middle Ages"
  • Reconquista
  • NOT: Renaissance, "early modern," "Golden Age"
  • additional terminology in Spanish

CONCEPT: your group's topic! Develop your own keywords/synonyms, and be sure to search in both English and Spanish.

Here is the sample search we used in class. Write "or" in-between search terms that are (roughly) synonymous. For example, articles on literacy in medieval Spain or medieval Iberia would be equally relevant, so the database can give us results that use either of those terms.

Reconstruction of the sample search conducted in class on September 9.