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A guide for finding resources for kinesiology students at Augustana College.

Finding Articles

Below are listed some of the library's journal databases that may be of use to you for kinesiology research. Some databases may be more appropriate for your topic than others, so pay attention to the databases' descriptions and be sure to search in a variety of resources, both on this page and in the library's other collections. 

Looking for research from a particular journal? Below are a list of some of the Kinesiology related journal titles the library has subscriptions to. You can locate these resources by using the 'Journal, Magazine, & Newspaper Title Search' feature of the library's homepage.

Note: This list may not reflect all of our journal titles related to Kinesiology. Additionally, if at any point access to one of these titles becomes unavailable or the library does not yet have access to an issue you need due to full-text delays, you may still request articles via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 

Journal Title Issue Dates

American Journal of Public Health

Clinical Biomechanics 1995-present
Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine 2007-present
Current Sports Medicine reports 2002-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
European Journal of Applied Physiology 1997-present
Exercise and Sports Sciences Reviews 1973-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Gait and Posture 1995-present
Human Movement Science 1995-present
Human Performance 1988-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition 2004-present
International Journal of Physical Education 2003-2015
International Journal of Sport and Exercise 2007-2013
International SportMed Journal 2000-2013
Isokinetics and Exercise Science 1998-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 2005-2018
Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation 1999-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Journal of Biomechanics 1995-present
Journal of Motor Behavior 1996-2018
Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2009-present
ICHPER - SD Journal of Research in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance 2009-present
Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2001-2006
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 1998-present
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 2007-2013
Journal of Sport and Social Issues 1977-present
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2008-present
Kinesiology 2003-present
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 1969-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Perceptual and Motor Skills 1999-present
Physical Educator 1990-present
Physical Therapy 2000-2016
Physical Therapy in Sport 2000-present
Physiotherapy 1995-present
Physiotherapy Research International 2000-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice 1999-present (Full Text Delay: 18 months)
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 2000-present
Science and Sports 1995-present
Sport Marketing Quarterly 2007-present
Sports Engineering 2003-present