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FYI 102: Practical Genealogy (Bengtson) - Special Collections Guide

This guide is for students enrolled in FYI 102-02 with Dr. Bengtson, and provides information to help you navigate the resources available in Special Collections.

Welcome to Special Collections! 

This research guide is for students enrolled in FYI 102 with Dr. Bengtson, and is intended to help you use the resources in Special Collections for your genealogical project.  In this guide, you will find information about the items you encountered during the class sessions so that you can return to Special Collections to spend more time examining them.  The menu on the left-hand side will help you navigate through this LibGuide.

In addition to the materials that were introduced in class, there are a number of resources you might want to use for background information on the history of the college.  To learn more about those resources (some of which are available online and in the main library stacks), please see this additional LibGuide:

Special Collections: Researching Augustana College History 

As a part of your project, you will need to prepare citations for any materials that you located in Special Collections.  To help you do this, there is a LibGuide that explains how to cite the various types of materials you might come across in our collections.  You can either use the menu on the left or click below to go to to the guide:

Special Collections Citation Guide


Hours and Contact

You are welcome to return to Special Collections on your own to continue your research if you would like to look more closely at any of our materials or if you need additional research assistance. 

Hours            Monday-Thursday, 1:00-5:00 p.m., or by appointment.



Phone           (309) 794-7643