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HIST 300: Historical Research (Simonsen)

Find Primary Sources in Books from Augustana and I-Share

Augustana's book collection is strong in local history, especially Illinois history. The local history shelves are a suitable size for browsing; just be sure to distinguish carefully between primary source texts and secondary source texts. Here are some relevant call number ranges:

  • Illinois: F536 - F550
  • Iowa: F616 - F630
  • Wisconsin: F576 - F590
  • Mississippi River Valley: F350.5 - F355

You can also locate primary sources at Augustana or through I-Share using OneSearch (below). To do so, it's best to begin at the Advanced Search screen, then use one of the following methods:

  • Search by title to find a specific book whose title you know. Example:

  • Search by author to find a book by a prominent historical figure. Example:

  • To find an edited collection of primary sources on a historical topic, search the topic in one box (keep the topic broad!) and the word "sources" as a Subject in the other box. Example:

Find books, articles, movies, and more.

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