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HIST 350: Modern China (Lawrence)


This web guide suggests resources to help you locate primary sources for your research proposal in HIST 350. The primary sources you locate through independent research will come from two main places:

  • Books from Augustana and/or I-Share
  • Digital repositories on the web

I've also included a few databases to search for secondary sources.

Finding Primary Sources in Books

Search ALiCat (Augustana's library) and I-Share (academic libraries across Illinois) to find primary sources in books.

Here are two methods I suggest:

1. If you need the work of a major historical figure, you may find an entire book by the person in question. Search the person as an author, or search the title of the book you want.

2. To find a collection of primary sources on a topic, go to the Advanced Search screen and add the word "sources" to your search as a Subject. (It helps if the topic you are searching is relatively broad.) This works because the subject headings in ALiCat & I-Share use the word "sources" whenever the book in question includes primary sources.

Here is an example: