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POLS103 - Global Perspectives

News Agencies and Newswires

A note about News Agencies and Newswires:

Both in the US and worldwide, many news stories are reprints of stories written by the AP (Associated Press), which is based in New York City. There are also similar widely-published agencies in other countries. Always be aware of who's writing the content you're reading; even if it's a newspaper published in Dijibouti, if the content is from "AP Press" or another similar agency, it doesn't count as an international source!


News Sources

If you are not on campus and are never on campus (distance learners, international students, or upperclass students with mostly online courses), we've created a generic username/password for you to use, so that you'll be able to access NexisUni as well.

From off-campus, USE THIS LINK to access Nexis Uni.

Username - TredwayLibrary

PW - NexisUniCOVID-19

To search Nexis Uni for POLS103:

  1. the box around “news” should be highlighted already; type your keyword(s) into the box under “search in all news for”, then change the date range to include the date of the event you're researching
  2. once you have your results, in the grey sidebar on the left, go to “location by publication” and select “international” → then the continent/region of your country → then the country in which the event took place, another involved country, or a country that's nearby geographically
  3. you may need to narrow your search further; on the left, go to “Search Within Results” - you can modify your results by “including” or “excluding” different words
  4. you may recognize some titles of the newspapers/sources, but not others; Google newspaper names you don't recognize to determine if they may have any bias


Interactive Media Bias Chart