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Swedish American Women and Women’s Issues

This guide is for anyone looking to conduct research on Swedish American women and women’s issues using Swenson Center resources.


Here are some book and dissertation sources to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list!


More freedom, better pay: single Swedish immigrant women in the United States, 1880-1920

                Lintelman, Joy K., 1991.


Calling this place home: women on the Wisconsin frontier, 1850-1925

                Jensen, Joan M., 2006.


Community of suffering & struggle: women, men, and the labor movement in Minneapolis, 1915-1945

                Faue, Elizabeth, 1991.


White migrations: gender, whiteness and privilege in transnational migration

                Lundstrom, Catrin, 2014.


I go to America: Swedish American women and the life of Mina Anderson

                Lintelman, Joy K., 2009.


Looking into my sister's eyes: an exploration in women's history

                Burnet, Jean R., 1986.


Social change, gender and education: exceptional Swedish immigrant women at North Park College, 1900-1920

                Hiort Wright, Sofia A. T., 2006.


In search of Signe: the life and times of a Swedish immigrant

                Cederström, B. Marcus, 2016.


Equal worth: the status of men and women in Sweden

Jacobsson, Ranveig.; Alfredsson, Karin, 1993.


Sex and marriage in utopian communities; 19th century America.

                Muncy, Raymond Lee, 1973.


Contented among strangers: rural German-speaking women and their families in the nineteenth-century Midwest

                Pickle, Linda Schelbitzki, 1996.


Women who dared: the history of Finnish American women

                Ross, Carl; Wargelin Brown, K. Marianne; 1986.


We can also recommend some historical fiction:


Cultivating hope: homesteading on the Great Plains

                Hubalek, Linda K., 1998.


Planting dreams: a Swedish immigrant's journey to America

                Hubalek, Linda K., 1997.


Butter in the well: a Scandinavian woman's tale of life on the prairie

                Hubalek, Linda K., 1992.