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Political Science: Sweden and Swedish America

This guide is for anyone looking to conduct research on the subject of political science using the Swenson Center’s resources.


Here are some book and dissertation sources to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list!


Ethnic leadership and Midwestern politics: Scandinavian Americans and the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin, 1890-1914

                Brøndal, Jørn, 2004.


Diplomatic relations of the United States with Sweden and Norway, 1814-1905

                Hovde, Brynjolf J, 1921.


Scandinavians in the state house: how Nordic immigrants shaped Minnesota politics

                Bergman, Klas, 2017.


Cross-border commemorations: celebrating Swedish settlement in America

                Hjorthen, Adam, 2018.


Swedish politics during the 20th century

                Hadenius, Stig, 1988.


Modern welfare states: politics and policies in Social Democratic Scandinavia

                Einhorn, Eric S.; Logue, John, 1989.


The Swedes in Illinois politics, an immigrant group in an American political setting.

                Hendahl, Reuel Gustav, 1932.


The religious origins of democratic pluralism: Paul Peter Waldenström and the politics of the Swedish Awakening 1868-1917

                Säfström, Mark Daniel, 2010.


Partners in progress: a chapter in the American-Swedish exchange of knowledge

                Olsson, Nils William, ed; Kastrup, Allan, ed.; 1977.


Swedish patriots and founders of the United States

                Lesley, Allen, 1976.


Sweden and the American Revolution

                Benson, Adolph, 1992.


The development of the Swedish welfare state in a comparative perspective

                Korpi, Walter, 1990.