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Children's Literature in Sweden and Swedish America

This guide is for anyone looking to conduct research on Swedish and Swedish American children’s literature using Swenson Center resources.


Some book sources to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list!


Academic resources about children’s literature:


Children's literature in Sweden

                Westin, Boel, 1991.


Barnboken i USA (Children’s Books in the USA, with English Summary)

Erisman, Fred; Sutherland, Zena; Hamrin, Margareta; 1986.


Barnbokens invandrare: en motivstudie i svensk barn- och ungdomslitteratur 1945-1980 (The children's book's immigrants: a motif study in Swedish children's and young people's literature, with English summary)

                Thorson, Staffan, 1987.


Swedish children's books

Von Baumgarten-Lindberg, Marianne.; Isaksson, Ulrika; 2003.


For examples of children’s literature held in our collections, see:


The Swedish Americans

                McGill, Allyson, 1997.


Keen eye children's stories

                Lönroth, Elisabet, 1921.


Land of dreams

Nixon, Joan Lowery, 1994.


Hej, Texas goodbye Sweden: a Swedish boy in early Texas

                Munson, Sammye, 1994.


Little folks' hour: stories and poems for children

Palm, Edith Cling, 1931.


In here, out there: English, Swedish

                Winterberg, Philipp, 2015.