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Education in Sweden and Swedish America

This guide is for anyone looking to conduct research on the history of Swedish American education using Swenson Center resources.


Here are some book and dissertation titles to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list!


Scandinavian immigrants and education in North America

            Anderson, Philip J.; Blanck, Dag.; Kivisto, Peter; Westerberg, Kermit B; 1995.


A history of higher education among the Swedish immigrants in America

            Person, Peter Per, 1941.


American education and the European immigrant, 1840-1940

            Weiss, Bernard J., 1982.


Methods of teaching in the church school

            Olson, Ove Sigfrid, 1940.


Social change, gender and education: exceptional Swedish immigrant women at North Park College, 1900-1920

            Hiort Wright, Sofia A. T., 2006.


Religion and education in America

            Bergendoff, Conrad, 1947.


Lutheran higher education in North America

            Solberg, Richard W., 1985.


Swedish Educational League (Lake View Forum): an adult education experiment in Scandinavian tradition.

            Bengston, Henry; Adolfson, Gunnar; Sundstrom, Martin; 1945.


From sacred learning to secular education: Swedish Lutherans in southern Chisago County, Minnesota, 1875-1922

            Shaffer, Thomas Wayne, 1996.


Education in Sweden.

            Various authors, 1909.


Education and scientific research in Sweden

            Sandberg, Fredrik, 1938.


Guide to the educational exhibit of Sweden: with notes on some points of educational activity in Sweden.

            Various authors, 1904.