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Political Science

A guide to resources to support research in classes offered by the Political Science Department, or for any student whose research topic or interest involves the field of political science.

Finding the Full Text of Articles

If an article doesn't have a full-text link in the database, it doesn't mean you can't access the article! Follow these steps to locate the full-text of an article.

  1. Look carefully to be sure there isn't a link to the full text. It might say "full text" or it might say "PDF full text" or "HTML full text."
  2. If you don't see a full-text link, visit the library homepage and enter three or more words from the article title in the search box, in quotation marks.  
    For example, to find this article:
    Foster, Jacob G., Andrey Rzhetsky, and James A. Evans. "Tradition and innovation in scientists’ research strategies." American Sociological Review 80.5 (2015): 875-908. might copy/paste "tradition and innovation in scientists'" to the OneSearch box.

  3. If Augustana doesn't have immediate access to the article you need, request it through Interlibrary Loan.