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A quick guide to Augustana's copyright policy.

Electronic Reserve (Moodle)

How much of a copyrighted work can I put on Moodle?

First, it's important to specify that the guidelines below assume access to your course in Moodle is restricted to currently-enrolled students, faculty teaching the course, and limited other individuals who need access in order for you to conduct the course. Under those circumstances, the guidelines for books and journal articles are:

  • Books:
    • One chapter from a book, or
    • For multiple short excerpts, no more than 10% of the total length of the book.
  • Journal articles:
    • One article from an issue of a journal, magazine, or newspaper; or
    • Multiple excerpts from a single issue if they total no more than 10% of the length of the issue.
    • Exception: if Augustana subscribes to the journal electronically, and you link the full-text access on Moodle (rather than uploading a PDF), you can post as much from that journal as you would like. In such a case, the students' access to the copyrighted material has already been paid for.

Only post readings to Moodle from books and journals that the library (or you) own or subscribe to. If you want to use a selection from a book that neither you nor the library owns, please contact your liaison librarian. We'll be happy to buy a copy.

Links to specific articles in our databases don't always work. What's the best way to link full-text journal articles in Moodle?

We recommend finding the article record in OneSearch and using the record's permalink. The permalink is a permanent web address for that specific record. It won't break, and students can also get to it from off-campus. Here is how to find the permalink:

1. Locate the article you want to link in OneSearch. If Augustana has the full text, you will see a hyperlink that looks like this. (If you do not see this hyperlink, Augustana does not have access to the full-text of your article.)

Image of the link in OneSearch that says, "available online."

2. Click into the OneSearch record for the article. Underneath the article citation, you will find the heading "Send to" above a row of icons. Click the "Permalink" icon:

Image of the permalink icon in OneSearch.

3. Click "Copy the permalink to clipboard" to get the full URL.

Once students get to the OneSearch record via the permalink, they can use the links in the "View online" section of the record to reach the full-text access. This works from off-campus, too; they'll just have to login using their Augustana username and password first.

If you have questions about this process, please get in touch with your liaison librarian.

What else do I need to know?

The questions above are just the ones we hear most frequently! For more information about electronic reserves, see the Augustana College Copyright Policy (linked above), especially sections IV and V.