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A guide for finding resources for geography students at Augustana College.

Finding Articles

Below are listed some of the library's journal databases that may be of use to you for geographical research. Some databases may be more appropriate for your topic than others, so pay attention to the databases' descriptions and be sure to search in a variety of resources, both on this page and in the library's other collections. 

Looking for research from a particular journal? Below are a list of the geography-related journal titles the library has subscriptions to. You can locate these resources by using the Journal Search feature of the library's homepage.

Note: This list may not reflect all of our journal titles related to geography. Additionally, if at any point access to one of these titles becomes unavailable or the library does not yet have access to an issue you need due to full-text delays, you may still request articles via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 

Journal Title Issue Dates


Acta Geographica Slovenia


African Geographical Review 2004-2011
Annals of the American Association of Geographers 2016-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Annals of the Association of American Geographers 1911-2018
Applied Geography


Applied GIS 2005-present
Australian Geographer 1997-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Australian Geographic 1998-2018
Australian Geographical Studies 1998-2004
Bulletin of the American Geographical Society 1901-1915
Canadian Geographer 1997-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months) 
Canadian Geographic 1994-present
Caribbean Geography 1997-2005
Cartographic Journal 2003-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Children's Geographies 2003-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Cultural Geographies


CyberGeo: European Journal of Geography


Economic Geography 1925-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Ecumene  1998-2001
Fennia: International Journal of Geography 2001-present
Focus [American Geographical Society] 1990-2001

Geografiska Annaler

Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 1965-present (Full-Text Delay: 6 years)
Geografiska Annaler. Series B, Human Geography

1965-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)

Geographical: The Royal Geographical Society Magazine 2011-present
Geographical Analysis 2003-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Geographical Bulletin 1997-present
Geographical and Environmental Modeling 1998-2002
Geographical Journal 1893-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Geographical Phorum 2002-present
Geographical Research 2005-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Geographical Review 1916-present
Geography Compass 2011-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Geography Research Forum 1980-present
Global Networks 2001-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
GPS Solutions 1997-present
GPS World 2000-present
Imago Mundi 1935-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Indonesian Journal of Geography 2010-present
Industrial Geographer 2003-2015
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 1998-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 2002-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Journal of Cultural Geography 1997-present
Journal of Geographical Systems 1999-present
The Journal of Geography 2006-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Journal of Geography in Higher Education  1990-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Journal of Historical Geography

1975-1994 (library print collection)

1995-present (online)

Journal of Latin American Geography 2003-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Journal of Maps


Journal of Political Ecology 1994-present
Journal of the American Geographical and Statistical Society 1859-1870
Journal of the American Geographical Society of New York 1872-1900
Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of Lonodn  1831-1880
Journal of Transport Geography 1995-present
National Geographic 1995-present (Full-Text Delay: 3 months)
National Geographic en Espanol 2005-present
National Geographic Kids 2002-present
Nature 1997-present
Philosophy and Geography 2001-2004
Photogrammetric Record 2003-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Political Geography 1995-present
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society & Monthly Record of Geography 1879-1892
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London 1857-1877
Professional Geographer 1984-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Progress in Human Geography


Progress in Physical Geography 1998-2016
Science 1880-present
Scientific American 1845-present
Scottish Geographical Journal 1999-present (Full-Text Delay: 18 months)
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 1999-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Social and Cultural Geography 2000-present (Full-text Delay: 18 months)
Southeastern Geographer 2004-present
Transactions in GIS 1999-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)
Urban Geography 

1894-2006 (Library print collection)

2007-2016 (online)

Western Geography 1992-present
Yearbook- Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 2004-present (Full-Text Delay: 12 months)