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BIOL 375: Molecular Genetics (Grothjan)


This resource guide was created to support the J-Term BIOL 375: Molecular Genetics course at Augustana with Dr. Grothjan. The guide will support two major assignment requirements for the course:

1) You will be required to write a popular science version of a chosen scholarly/academic article related to course concepts, distilling the information presented in the article into something that would be easier to understand for the average person.
2) You will also need to create a 25-30 minute PowerPoint presentation on your chosen journal article and present it to the class.

This guide will provide examples of secondary popular articles written about primary scholarly research, and provide information about and tools to help with creating effective presentations. The guide also contains sources for background information and best bets for library databases relevant to molecular genetics.

If you have questions about your research, get in touch with a librarian. Garrett Traylor's contact information is also provided in another box on this page.