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FYI 102: Dr. Webb

Library resources for Dr. Webb's FYI 102 course.


Welcome!  You've reached the FYI 102 (Dr. Webb) course guide dedicated to your creative research project.  This guide will provide you with resources and strategies to support this assignment.

For more in-depth variety of resources and topics dedicated to FYI 101/2, see Garrett's comprehensive FYI Guide here.

Assignment Requirements

To summarize, you will need:

  • To choose a format for your project
  • Five (5) supporting sources, of which at least one (1) must be scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed, and one (1) must provide an opposing viewpoint
  • To cite your sources in APA style

Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research

Tredway LibraryAre you proud of your research project this semester? Would you like recognition for your work? A chance to win $400?

Submit your project for the Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research!

The library prize recognizes an outstanding research project by a first-year Augustana student for a class in the First Year Inquiry or First Year Honors sequence. It promotes engagement in the processes of library research and encourages you to synthesize information literacy skills with the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills from the first-year sequence.

For further details, including information on the application process, view the library prize home page. This year's deadline is Friday, June 2, 2023: the Friday after finals week, spring semester.

We look forward to seeing your projects!