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Using OneSearch

How do I access my account?

Example of the Primo VE login box showing that you will use your user ID and password.

When you arrive at the OneSearch/Advanced Search screen, the best thing you can do for your search is to sign in using your Augustana username and ID. This will allow you complete access to all resources owned or leased by Augustana, including where full-text articles are available only for members of the campus community. It will also allow you to request items from other I-Share libraries.




OneSearch allows you to sign in via several different locations. All of these locations will take you to the same point.

From laptops and desktop computers:

  • Sign In (found in the top right-hand corner)
  • Menu->Library Card (found next to the Sign in option)

From phones:

Login screen for phonesAdvanced Search/Primo VE opening screen for phones

  1. Tap the ellipse (3 dots)
  2. Tap library card
  3. Complete the sign in informaiton.