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Cancer-Related Resources

Tip #1:

Before you begin searching, it may be helpful to generate a list of standardized medical terms that are used to organize information on the subject. One way you can do this is to consult PubMed to look up MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) Terms. 

  • PubMed MeSH Terms Search Engine - use the search box to look for standard terms related to cancer, cancer symptoms, diagnostic tools, etc.
  • Tutorials are available to assist in the location of relevant search terms. 



Tip #2:

Much of the current research on cancer is available from publicly funded sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, or the National Cancer Institute. Many of these resources can be found freely available with a google search. However, if consulting resources found while searching the broader internet it is always recommended that you as yourself the questions found on the Assessing the Quality of Resources page of this guide. 

The following are cancer-specific journals that the library has a subscription to. To access the journal, follow the hyperlink to the library's catalog, where you will be given the option to select a particular database to access the journal through. You may need to log into your library account to access the articles within. Be sure to pay attention to what years are available for that particular publication. 


General Cancer Journals Publication Years Available
British Journal of Cancer 1947 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
Cancer (American Cancer Society) 1948 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals 1996 - 2009
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 1995 - 2010
Cancer Journal 2000 - 2007
Cancer Research (American Association for Cancer Research) 1941 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
International Journal of Cancer 1996 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
Journal of Cancer Epidemiology 2008 - present



Specific Cancers Publication Years Available
Breast Cancer 2008 - present
Clinical Breast Cancer 2000 - present
Clinical Colorectal Cancer 2001 - present
Clinical Lung Cancer 2000 - present
Endocrine-Related Cancer (Society for Endocrinology) 1998 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer 2007 - present
Kidney Cancer Journal 2003 - present
Lung Cancer (International Lung Cancer Consortium) 1995 - present