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Canadian Swedes

This guide is for anyone looking to conduct research about Swedish immigrants who settled in Canada.


Some book titles to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list!


Annotated bibliography of English-language books and articles relating to the Swedish experience in Canada

                Barr, Elinor, 1991.


Nordic people in Canada: a study in demography 1861-2001

                Epp, A. Ernest, 2004.


The story of Augustana Lutherans in Canada

                Baglo, Ferdinand Eugene, 1962.


Swedes in Canada: invisible immigrants 

                Barr, Elinor, 2015.


Early Swedish settlement in Alberta, Canada: 1890-1930 with a bibliography.

                Janssen, Viveka, 1979.


The Swedes in Canada before 1873. Svenskarna i Canada före 1873.

                Aminoff, Sten, 1997.


In Denmark born--to Canada sworn : Danish-Canadian lives

                Larsen, Birgit, 2000.


Defiant sisters: a social history of Finnish immigrant women in Canada

                Lindström-Best, Varpu, 1988.