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COMM 230: Politics, Citizenship, and Communication (Dr. Burgchardt)


Welcome!  You've reached the COMM 230: Politics, Citizenship, and Communication (Dr. Burgchardt) course guide dedicated to finding library resources in your subject area. This guide will provide you with resources and strategies to support your upcoming research assignments, including: your framing paper, speech analysis, and paper which identifies a current threat to healthy public discourse.

Assignment Summary

To summarize, your assignments will require the following:

1) Your framing paper will require you to cite at least three sources (one of which you found on your own). At least two of the sources you cite need to be peer-reviewed academic articles

2) Your speech analysis paper will require you to cite Lloyd Bitzer’s “The Rhetorical Situation,” Campbell et al.’s The Rhetorical Act (specifically, the chapters “The Resources of Language” and/or “Understanding Occasion”), the speech you’re analyzing, and anything else you referred to. You will be required to create a presentation as a group -- see presentation tips here.

3) Your threats to public discourse paper must cite at least three different readings from class, not including any other supporting research that you find.

4) You must cite all sources in MLA style.