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COMM 210c: Digital Games and Culture (Dr. Boone)


Welcome!  You've reached the COMM 210c: Digital Games and Culture (Dr. Boone) course guide.

While other entertainment media such as movies and television have been accepted into research, many are still shocked that academic research can involve video games. Not only can video games be involved in academia but there are many journals, books, museums, and exhibits which utilize video game research. It is, however, in many ways still an emerging field of study.

This guide will provide you with resources and strategies to support your upcoming research assignments in the class.

Assignment Requirements

This course has a few assignments that will require library resources. To summarize these assignments, you will need:

  • For your Game Description Essay: at least 5 secondary sources (e.g. reviews from gaming magazines, descriptions from game manuals, other sources of popular discourse relevant to your chosen game).
  • For your Theory Analysis Essay: at least 5 scholarly sources (either books or academic journal articles).
  • For your Contextual Analysis Essay: at least 6 reliable and quality sources, with a balance of scholarly and popular secondary sources.

Latest Industry News

Massive Microsoft mergers and acquisitions currently rocking the gaming industry.  Here is a basic timeline of this story over time.  Try to pick your jaw up off the floor.

In other ridiculous recent news: