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History Resources

Primary Sources for Latin American History

Latin American News Sources

United States News Sources

The following books collect major primary source documents, translated into English, from various Latin American countries. They're a great place to start for the most important primary sources related to the topic you are researching. 

Tredway Library and I-Share have a large variety of books--both print and electronic--that you may wish to consult as primary sources. In OneSearch (below), begin at the Advanced Search screen and limit to "ALiCat only" for books at Augustana or "All I-Share libraries" to search across Illinois. 

  • Search by author to find a book by a prominent historical figure. Example:

Screenshot of a search at the Advanced Search screen. "Che Guevara" is typed in the top box. "Author/Creator" is selected in the first drop-down menu.

  • To find an edited collection of primary sources on a historical topic, search the topic in one box (keep the topic broad!) and the word "sources" as a Subject in the other box. Example:

Screenshot of a search at the Advanced Search screen. "Cuba" is typed in the top box. "Sources" is typed in the box below, with "Subject" selected from the second drop-down menu to the left.

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