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Open Educational Resources

Music Resources

This is a selection of openly licensed textbooks that has been created for free use in courses. These resources may be adopted for use as classroom text, modified to create new texts, or used as a supplemental learning tool to aid in understanding key concepts. 

Music Appreciation

Music Theory

Music Fundamentals

Courses and Courseware

Below are some open courses and courseware that have been made openly available for use. These courses may be completed in their entirety for supplemental learning, or portions may be used to supplement classroom instruction. 

  • Introduction to Music - Saylor Academy
    An introductory course that conducts a survey of the Western Classical tradition, exploring music as both sound and culture. Unless otherwise noted, all course content produced by Saylor Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported license. 
  • Listening to Music - Open Yale Courses
    A full, open course produced by Open Yale Courses. Unless otherwise noted, the lectures and course material produced by Yale are licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. 
  • MIT Open Courseware
    MIT has a large number of 'open' courses that relate to music and music theory. Most contain syllabi, course readings and/or reading lists, assignments, and exams that are available for download under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Some additional courses also contain videos of lectures. Selected course topics Include: 
  • UCI Open
    The University of California-Irvine has a large collection of open courses, containing full lecture videos. Each course is openly licensed under individual Creative Commons licenses. 

Below are a selection of sources that contain collection of archival materials, including music scores, audio files, and monographs. Some of the resources are in the public domain, while others will be individually licensed. It is important that you check the permissions according to the individual site. 

  • Digital Public Library of America
    The Digital Public Library of America is home to a large collection of primary source materials, including a collection of archival sheet music and audio files. The items are individually licensed. 
  • Europeana
    Europeana hosts primary source materials housed in museums and archives across Europe. Its holdings include collections of archival music recordings and some sheet music. The items are individually licensed according to the content provider. 
  • HathiTrust
    HathiTrust contains a number of full-text music monographs and musical scores. The permissions vary according to the individual item. 
  • Library of Congress Digital Collection - Music Scores and Books
    The LOC has a digital collection of musical scores and instructional and music appreciation materials. The permissions for use vary according to the item. 
  • New York Public Library Digital Collections
    The NYPL's digital collections contain both notated music and musical recordings, many of which are in the public domain. The permissions for use vary according to the individual item. 
  • Project Gutenberg
    Project Gutenberg contains a collection of public domain music resources, including texts on musical history and theory, sheet music, and a collection of biographies of musicians. 
  • World Digital Library
    The World Digital Library contains a collection of sound recordings and sheet music, which are individually licensed. Many are in the public domain. 

The collections below are repositories containing open music and videos, and each collection contains its own individual license(s) that must be adhered to. For additional material types, see the drop down menu to the left. 


ccMixter is a community music remixing site created by Creative Commons, which features music samples and complete remixes for public use. Each track is licensed under a Creative Commons license, however the licenses may vary from item to item. 


Free Music Archive The Free Music Archive is a library of free, legal audio downloads directed by the WFMU - a freeform radio station. Inspired by the open source movement and Creative Commons, the songs provided are openly licensed under terms set by the individual artists. 

FreeSound is a collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, sound recordings, and sound effects that have been released under open licenses to allow others to make use of them. Pay attention to the licenses of the individual items. 

Jamendo Jamendo is an open music site that first was created as part of the open source/free culture movements. It provides free music in a variety of genres, available for download under Creative Commons licenses. Pay attention to the licenses granted for the individual songs.

Vimeo is a video sharing platform that allows for users to specifically search for video resources that are openly licensed under Creative Commons licenses **



Youtube is a video sharing platform allows for users to specifically search for video resources that are openly licensed under Creative Commons licenses **

**Note: Not all results contained within are guaranteed to be openly licensed. Pay special attention to check the licenses on each item you intend to use.