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Art History

This subject guide covers the different art resources the Tredway library has for you to use, as well as information on other places you can look to support your research needs.

This is the course page for Art History 161, Global Art in Perspective. On it, you will find recommended resources to use when completing your course assignments.

Assignment Resources

For one of your assignments, you need to write a paper about a specific piece of art. The following are great places to find information:

1) Website of the museum the art piece is located at. 

2) Articles about the specific art piece in the library art databases.

3) Books about the artist (if the artist is known).

4) If the artist isn't known, books about the time period the art piece is from.

Reference books will provide you a brief overview of the artwork and/or time period the artwork is from. This is helpful to gain a better understanding of the artwork, but you will still need to seek out non-reference sources to dig deeper.

Below are some reference and art databases that will be helpful for this assignment. However, make sure to explore the rest of this guide to learn more about finding articles and books in OneSearch, how to cite sources, and how to get help from a librarian!