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Art History

This subject guide covers the different art resources the Tredway library has for you to use, as well as information on other places you can look to support your research needs.

This is the course page for Art History 372, Asian Art. On it, you will find recommended resources to use when completing your course assignments. You will need to dive deep into the library resources to help you research your chosen topic. You can do this by using OneSearch or by using specific databases. However, remember that sometimes topics cross disciplinary lines and you may need to work in databases that do not specifically focus on art (or you may find it easier to just use OneSearch). Below are some suggestions about where to start your research process.

Assignment Resources

When starting your research, it is helpful to think of which subject areas your topic could fall in. It might (and likely will be) possible to find resources in databases that aren't specifically focused on art. For example, a history or Asian studies database could prove to be very helpful. 

Some suggestions:

1) PLAN AHEAD. You will most likely need to request some book from I-Share, or articles from Interlibrary Loan (ILL). These could take several days-several weeks to get to you, so don't leave this to the last minute! 

2) If you are struggling to find solid articles, look at the bibliographies of the ones you have found helpful. They can help you find other potentially helpful resources since they are articles and books that will relate to your topic. 

3) Try to find resources that were published in the last ten years. Although there are times when older resources are acceptable to use, it's better to have a bibliography of more recent articles and perspectives.

4) If you're struggling, schedule an individual research appointment with me! Go to the home page of this guide and click on "Meet with María" underneath my profile box. We can talk about where you're struggling and try to find ways to help your research process.  

Below you will find some helpful databases to start with your research. Remember that the rest of this guide goes into a lot of detail of the different resources the library has to help with art history classes, so make sure to spend some time exploring!