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To find zines in OneSearch

The zine collection, shelved by "New in the Library" next to the window.You can visit the library in person and browse the collection on the second floor, or you can search for zines by using OneSearch (which organizes zines by calling them books). The easiest way to see what is in our zine collection can be done with the following steps:

  1. Select "Advanced Search."
  2. Select "ALiCat Only" as the search option.
  3. Under the search fields, select "subject," type in "social justice," and select search.
  4. Next, under the filters to the side of the screen, scroll towards the bottom of the options until you reach "location." Once there, select "Thomas Tredway Library Zines (2nd floor)."
  5. Everything shown on the results list will be what is included in our zine collection!

Our zine collection is non-circulating. This means that you are free to browse through our zines or to spread them out on a table and read them, but they are not able to leave the library. If you want to be able to look at digital zines, you can look at the "Zine archives and helpful websites" section.