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Making a digital zine

Digital zines is controversial. Some people have no issues with digital zines (sometimes referred to as ezines). Others believe something is only truly a zine if it keeps it's original form of a DIY, black and white, cut and paste, photocopied, format. 

However, during times such as a pandemic, options are fewer and technology is used even more frequently than it typically is. If you would like to make a digital zine, there are some free services available that can help you create a zine. Flipsnack is a friendly, free, easy to use program that offers different templates to create an ezine. Once you're done, you can chose to publish it online (as long as it's no more than 15 pages), and you can share it via email, social media, and more. 

You'll have to create an account before you start. Below are some helpful videos to get you started.