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How can I use zines in my class?

There are lots of ways you can incorporate zines in your classroom! Below are some suggestions.

Active research with perzines (personal zines): Students can find a zine they feel especially drawn to, and start researching that topic. What information is missing in the zine, and what is missing from traditional sources? What information can they learn about the zinester? 

Group zines: Instead of having students collaborate on a group paper or project, have them do a group zine. Each student in the group can contribute 2-3 pages of the zine, and the group can put it together at the end and present it to your class. 

History and zine workshops: Zines are normally associated wth Riot Grrrl and sci-fi fandom, but zines actually have a much longer and more complicated history than that. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the background of zines and the purposes they can fill. 

Free speech:  Have students pick a controversial topic (there are many in our zine collection), and have them read through the zine. What's information is included in the zine that isn't normally found in traditional media sources? 

Reflections: Instead of having students write a traditional reflection paper, have them make a reflection zine. Sometimes breaking away from the traditional paper can make students feel more liberated, and therefore more open in their reflection. 


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