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Africana Studies

A guide for students interested in topics related to Africana studies.

New Books Related to Afrofuturism

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Helpful Tips

  1. Afrofuturism can be found in many places: 
    Afrofuturism as a subject spans across many different genres, and as such has a variety of different avenues that you could use to search for content in this area. It's origins are often credited to the musician Sun Ra and his Arkestra, who have heavily influenced generations of musicians. However, Afrofuturism now permeates literature, film, comic books, art, and many other forms of expression. It is important to vary your searches in anticipation of the many possible different formats that are available to you!

    It may help you to limit your searches to a particular subject or specific work, for example: 
    • Afrofuturism in Music
    • Afrofuturism in Literature
    • Afrofuturism in Comic Books
    • The Black Panther films and Afrofuturism, etc.

  2. Works may not necessarily be labelled 'afrofuturism':
    Afrofuturism is a term that was coined by critic Mark Dery in the 1990s, but many works that could be defined as afrofuturistic are not actually labelled as such.

    Consider searching for other relevant terms, such as African-American science fiction, Black Utopias, etc. 

Tredway library does not have any specific journals that only feature exclusively resources on Afrofuturism, since it is a topic that spans across many areas of study. However, listed here are some journals that you may find resources on Afrofuturism within. 


Journal Name Years Available
African American Review 1992 - present 
Black Music Research Journal 1980 - 2016
Black Theology: An International Journal 2002 - present (except previous 12 months)
Dancecult 2009 - present
Journal of Futures Studies 1996 - present
The Journal of Pan-African Studies 1987 - present
Journal of Popular Culture 1997 - present
Research in African Literatures 1993 - present
Science-Fiction Studies 1973 - present (excluding previous 12 months)
Utopian Studies 1987 - 2018


Physical Reference Resources - located on the 2nd floor of Tredway Library. 

Electronic Reference Resources