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Africana Studies

A guide for students interested in topics related to Africana studies.

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How to Find Resources on Music Across the Diaspora

If you need assistance in locating materials or planning your research, please contact your liaison librarian for Africana Studies! Contact information is located in the box to the left-side of the screen. 


Helpful Tips
  1. The African Diaspora is vast: 
    When doing your research, consider how truly vast the African Diaspora is. Consider how the United States is just a portion of this diaspora, and just how varied music is even within communities of the United States. If you try to look holistically at music across the entire diaspora, you will be looking at way too broad of a topic for most research projects you may be undertaking.

    It may help you instead to limit your searches to a particular geographic, national, or cultural context; for example:   
    • African-American Music; Afro-Caribbean Music; etc.
    • Music in a particular country (i.e. Music in Ghana);
    • A particular genre of music (i.e. jazz, blues, rap, hip-hop, rumba, gnawa music, etc)
    • A particular instrument; 
    • etc.

General Resources Related to Music Across the Diaspora


Finding Journals Related to Music Across the Diaspora

Tredway library does not have any specific journals that only feature exclusively resources on Afrofuturism, since it is a topic that spans across many areas of study. However, listed here are some journals that you may find resources on Afrofuturism within. 


Journal Name Years Available
African American Review 1992 - present 
Black Music Research Journal 1980 - 2016
The Journal of Pan-African Studies 1987 - present
Journal of Popular Culture 1997 - present


Physical Reference Resources - located on the 2nd floor of Tredway Library. 

Electronic Reference Resources