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FYI 101/2: Traylor

Library resources for Garrett Traylor's First Year Inquiry students!


Welcome! You've reached the FYI 102 (Farooqi) course page dedicated to providing library support for assignments in your class. Your class will meet twice in the library during the spring term, covering the following topics:

  • Feb 28: Misinformation and evaluating sources.
  • May 6: Research support day.

This page will also include some "best bet" databases for supporting your research in this class.

Library Lesson 1: Feb 28

Today we will primarily discuss misinformation and strategies for evaluating sources. Much of this information can be found in the Evaluating Sources section of this guide, and you will also get a printed handout covering key points from the material in class.

We will also start class with the "Spot the Troll" activity from Clemson University and take our discussion from there.

Library Lesson 2: May 6

Today we will be focusing on providing hands-on research time for you to get started on your research assignment with a librarian available to ask questions and provide help. To briefly summarize the assignment:

You will be writing a research paper about identity. If you haven't chosen a topic, consider consulting the library's topics guide for ideas. This paper will be 8-10+ pages in length. You will have received further information about the assignment from your professor.

This assignment will require:

  • At least four (4) quality sources outside of class resources to support your thesis.
  • Citations in MLA style.

Best Bets

Although OneSearch is an excellent starting point for most research, consider the following specific databases/resources: