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FYI 101/2: Traylor

Library resources for Garrett Traylor's First Year Inquiry students!

Technology / Equipment

Available at Tredway Library:

  • Laptops 1-6 -- 4 hr checkout, in-building use only
  • Laptops 7-40 -- semester long checkout
  • 1 HDMI->VGA PC Adapter -- 4 hr checkout
  • 3 USB-C to USB3/HDMI/USB-C 3-in-1 Mac & PC Adapters -- 4 hr checkout
  • 2 Flash drives -- 2 hr checkout
  • Portable DVD player -- 4 hr checkout
  • LCD Projector -- 4 hr checkout
  • Charging station: cables for charging various types of phones and devices
  • Fax machine: located at circulation desk, 50 cents to send a fax
  • Cameras (Patrons must purchase memory cards on their own for use with the device. They are not available for purchase at the library.)
  • Camcorders (Patrons must purchase memory cards on their own for use with the device. They are not available for purchase at the library.)
  • Tripods
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • I-Pads
  • Projectors
  • USB Headsets
  • Voice amplifier with headphone
  • Screens
  • Webcams
  • 3 Zine kits, other supplies available on request
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Staplers
  • Hole punches


  • Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop) available in EDGE Center (located in Olin), in Olin computer labs (print center on ground floor and Olin 307), and in Old Main 202 computer lab.  Licenses for use on your own computer are also available through ITS for $30 per semester.
  • WeVideo (cloud-based video editor) -- 25 student licenses available per term via ITS (typically for full classes at a time)
  • OpenShot (free, open-source video editor) and Audacity (free, open-source audio editor) available on the large-screen "group media lab" computers in the library (main floor)
  • Office 365 is available to all students on campus (info from ITS here).

Maker Spaces

Augustana is proud to be developing all new "maker spaces" on campus.  A maker space is a hands-on collaborative work space designed for making, learning, exploring, and sharing using high tech and low tech tools.  These spaces are currently located in the Hanson Hall of Science.

While Hanson 119 contains the more dangerous machines (including a CNC machine and a laser cutter) and has safety protocols for regulating access, Hanson 121 is an open tinkering space with more basic equipment for use (work bench, bench vises, hammers, drills, screwdrivers, etc.).  Hanson 120 serves as a collaborative thinking space (for planning what to do in 119 and 121).  Hanson 120 and 121 are open to the general student population.

The maker spaces also have five 3D printers available for any student to use:

  • 1 UPrint SE+ printer that uses ABS plastic.
  • 2 Markforged printers: 1 Onyx One and 1 Mark Two.  They both print in Onyx, a proprietary blend of nylon with bits of carbon fiber.  The Mark Two, however, can also print continuous fiber reinforcement with carbon fiber, kevlar, or fiberglass.
  • 2 Prusa printers that use PLA or PETG.

All 3D printers accept and print .STL format.  Software is available in the labs to create .STL files.

Contact Professor Joshua Dyer ( for more information about the technology available in these spaces.

The Tredway Library also has makerspace materials available, including a 1.25" round pinback button maker.

Button Making Policy (more information via library outreach policies page):

  • Individual students can make up to 20 buttons per semester.
  • Recognized student organizations can make up to 100 buttons per semester.

The Tredway Library also has zine-making kits available at the circulation desk.  Find more information about zines on campus here.

Other Specialized Spaces

Bergendoff Recording Studio

There is a recording studio available to students in the music program, though it is additionally restricted to those who are recording recitals.  Contact Professor James Lambrecht ( for more information.

WAUG Sound Studio

The campus radio station has a recording studio in Old Main.  Contact WAUG to get involved.