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FYI 101/2: Traylor

Library resources for Garrett Traylor's First Year Inquiry students!


Welcome! You've reached the FYI 102 (Hare) course page dedicated to providing library support for assignments in your class. Your class will meet twice in the library during the spring term, covering the following topics:

  • Mar 21: Evaluating Sources / Question Quest.
  • Apr 16: Copyright / Documentary Support.

This page will also include some "best bet" databases for supporting your research in this class based on submitted research questions.

Library Lesson 1: Mar 21

Today we will primarily discuss types of sources, authority, and strategies for evaluating sources. Much of this information can be found in the Evaluating Sources section of this guide. We will also spend some time finding sources in support of your Question Quest assignment, and developing keywords based on your research questions.

To summarize, your Question Quest research will require:

Library Lesson 2: Apr 16

Today we will primarily discuss copyright, documentary media, and spend time in class finding appropriate resources to support the documentary assignment.

To summarize, your documentary assignment will require:

Free / royalty free / open license / copyright free sources for video and music (may still require attribution, check individual sources for use guidelines):

Best Bets