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Overview of Library Floors

The Tredway library is located inside the Gerber Center for Student Life, and is composed of the first four floors. Our materials are arranged by the Library of Congress call number system (also described in our handy LC Blue Sheet). Each floor of the library serves a different purpose, so be sure to read carefully through each description to learn more about what you will find.

At a Glance

1st floor
  • Designated quiet floor
  • No computers available
  • Quiet study room
2nd floor
  • Quiet conversation and group study permitted
  • Computers and printers available, laptops available for check-out at Circulation Desk
  • Large group study rooms
3rd floor
  • Designated quiet floor
  • Computer lab (with both PC's and Mac computers) with printer
  • Computer lab includes a computer and scanner with Kurzweil software for the visually impaired
  • Individual and small group study rooms
4th floor
  • Quiet conversation and group study permitted
  • Computer classroom with printer
  • No group study rooms

First floor (lower level):

The first floor is a quiet floor, meaning conversations with friends must be kept quiet and brief. Here you will find materials that start with the call numbers H-Z. Subjects include social sciences, political science, law, education, art and art history, literature, languages, music, technology, medicine, library science, and more. 

Other materials found on this floor:

  • Children's Collection
  • Maps 
  • Music scores
  • Print journals 

The first floor has a quiet room, which is intended for individual study with no conversation allowed. You will also find Special Collections and the Technical Services office, where Interlibrary Loan is located. 

Second floor (main floor):

The second floor is a perfect floor for socializing and collaboration with your friends and classmates. On this floor you will find group media stations, several group study rooms, and computers and printers. It also has the leisure reading collection, self-care collection, graphic novels, current magazines, the social justice zine collection, puzzles, games, course reserves, and the print reference collection. 

This floor is where the Research Help Desk and Circulation Desk are located, and is where many of our library instruction classes take place. 

Third floor:

The third floor is another quiet floor, and is where the majority of our study rooms can be found. The study rooms are not sound-proof, so it is important to keep conversations at a low level. It also is the location of one of our computer labs.

Materials on the third floor start with the call numbers A-G. Subjects include philosophy, religion, history, geography, and more. There are chairs, study carrels, and tables to study at quietly.

Fourth floor:

The fourth floor is where the Brew is located, and the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity, and the Office of International Student and Scholar Services. The Learning Commons (which includes the Reading/Writing Center and Student Success Services) is also found on this floor, as well as the Office of Student Life and Leadership

The fourth floor computer classroom is located on this floor, which is another location where some of our library instruction classes take place. 

Women's and men's restrooms are located in the library stairwell on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors. There are also two gender-inclusive restrooms located on the 2nd floor.


Having a problem with Tredway Library's internal elevators? There is a strong chance that you (or your belongings) have flipped a switch that stopped operations.

Look at the red switch at the bottom center of the control panel. The switch must be set ALL the way to the right in order for the elevator to function normally. If the switch is toggled to the left, operation stops and the alarm sounds.