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About Us

Plans and Priorities 2023-2024


Continue a thoughtful plan of integrating information literacy into the curriculum in a sequential, developmental manner. (Learn more about our teaching plan here.)


Deliver library services that maximize efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and inclusivity. (Learn more about our service plan here.)


Foster strong relationships with our community as outlined in the Augustana 2020 Strategic Plan. (Learn more about our outreach plan here.)


Build a vibrant collection that supports undergraduate learning, research, and intellectual curiosity. (Learn more about our collection plans here.) 


Maintain the high esprit de corps, morale, and health of the library team; set limits and priorities that ensure a manageable workload. (Learn more about our sustainability plan here.)


Utilize our library space in the Gerber Center for Student Life to be beautiful, functional, and flexible for an evolving college community. (Learn more our space plan here.)