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Strategic Plan


Maintain the high esprit de corps, morale, and health of the library team; set limits and priorities that ensure a manageable workload.

  • Determine new liaison relationships and coordinator roles (Stefanie and R&I librarians)
  • Evaluate staff responsibilities and workloads throughout the library (all)
  • Develop a plan for Augustana Digital Commons (Stefanie and Micaela)
  • Begin preparations for library program review (Stefanie)
  • Explore and evaluate student worker performance and expectations (student-worker supervisors)
  • Follow campus conversations about promotion for non-tenure-track faculty (Stefanie and faculty librarians)
    • Review librarian promotion standards to address DEI
    • Work to clarify librarian rank promotion guidelines
  • Increase opportunities for staff/librarian relationships
    • Increase contact with hourly staff (Stefanie)
    • Organize one team-building event per semester (Christine and Stefanie)
  • Recognize and reward milestones and excellence by publicizing accomplishments to the campus and to alumni (Stefanie)