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Strategic Plan


Continue a thoughtful plan of integrating information literacy into the curriculum in a sequential, developmental manner.

  • Assist departments and programs in scaffolding library research skills within their curricula; evaluate information literacy needs of new programs, e.g., American Studies, CSD master’s curriculum, engineering, film and new media, and new minors (liaison librarians)
  • Collaborate with FYI coordinator and the Writing in Our Curriculum Working Group to incorporate and maintain information literacy skills throughout the changing curriculum (Garrett and librarians)
    • Employ how-to videos, interactive tutorials, etc., to support students and streamline instruction (research & instruction librarians)
  • Review assessment data from Spring 2023 and refine library assessment project for the 2023-24 school year (Stefanie, Kaitlyn, and research & instruction librarians)
  • Follow results of the AIC’s longitudinal assessment of information literacy in order to more holistically understand students’ IL learning across the first year (Stefanie and all)
  • Brainstorm and implement approaches to meeting the unique needs of specific student populations, e.g., international and ELL students, students with disabilities, first-generation students, etc. (librarians)
  • Provide support to APEP students (Garrett and management team)
  • Refine instruction objectives in Special Collections and create accessible outlines for faculty (Micaela)
  • Be more intentional about finding ways to incorporate critical information literacy skills and social justice awareness into instruction (all)
  • Revisit IL program outcomes and determine their future role in the instruction program (Stefanie and all)