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Services offered by the library


All Augustana students have a yearly printing allotment of $50 for personal/academic use. You can view and manage your printing usage through your PaperCut account. Please view the full Augustana College printing policy here

You can purchase additional printing credit in $5 increments at the Bookstore or the library's Main Desk. The library can only accept payment by cash or check. For instructions on redeeming your printing credit, click here.

The library has printers in the following locations: 

2nd floor:

  • Library Find-Me Printing - card swipe print release on all black and white printers on the 2nd floor
  • Color printing on Library2ndFloor-Color (direct print; see below for more detailed instructions)

3rd floor:

  • Printer is located in the computer lab, across from the elevators

4th floor:

  • Printer is located next to the entrance to the Reading/Writing Center

You can print in black and white from any of the lab computers by selecting "LibraryFindMeQueue" as the printer (it should be the default). You can log into the nearest printer by swiping your ID card or typing in your ID number or username/password. Your print jobs will then release automatically.

To print in color, change the printer to "Library2ndFloor-Color." When you print to the color printer, your pages will print right away; you don't need to log into the printer first.

You can scan books and documents to make printed or electronic copies at any of the black-and-white printers on the 2nd floor. (The two in the middle of the floor are larger than the two at the ends). To make color copies, scan in full color and email the copy to yourself, then print your emailed document to the color printer. Note that scanning books and other documents is subject to copyright policy.

When there is any kind of error affecting the printers, please check if there is a notice posted by the printer and then ask for help at the Circulation Desk or the Research Help Desk. If printer/computer malfunctions have caused you to use part of your printing allotment on useless pages (such as pages where the text is corrupted), you may be able to get a refund by contacting ITS at Note that the library cannot do this for you.

The library does not have supplies for special printing needs (such as laminators, larger sizes, specialty paper, or long reach/center staplers), except for 11x17 paper. For most special printing needs, your best option will be the Augustana Copy Center

To add printing credit to your Papercut account:

1.    Go to
2.    Enter username and password.  (Same as username and password for getting on the computers, Arches, etc.)
3.    In the left column, click “Redeem Card.”
4.    Open the envelope and pull out the card.
5.    Enter the card number in Papercut.
6.    The $5.00 will be added to your account.
7.    If you have purchased more than 1 card, repeat steps 4-7 as necessary.